Mostafa Alani is a practicing architect, designer, and educator. Mostafa holds a Ph.D. in Planning, Design, and Built Environment and a certificate in Digital Ecology from Clemson University, US. He also holds a master’s in Building Technology from the University of Science, Malaysia, and a B.Sc. in Architectural Engineering from the University of Technology, Iraq.

As a researcher, his main research interest lies at the intersection of computational design, digital fabrication, and embedded computations. His research was published at the IJAC, CAADRIA, CAADfutures, ASCAAD, SIGRADI, HCI, DCA, and ARCC conferences. Currently, Mostafa is a board member at the Arab Society for Computer-Aided Architectural Design (ASCAAD). Mostafa's doctoral research focused on the computational nature of Islamic geometric patterns. His doctoral research won the first-place research award at the Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium at Clemson University, 2016. Before joining Al-Mustansiriya University, Mostafa taught architecture at several programs in the US, including Kennesaw State University and Tuskegee University, with a focus on the use of digital design and manufacturing technologies in architecture. His student’s work has been exhibited at various venues, including Tech Showcase, which was held at the Digital Building Lab Symposium at Georgia Tech, 2018.

Mostafa is a board member at the Consultant Engineering office at Aliraqia University. His current practice focuses on the residential, commercial, and educational sectors. In addition, Mostafa participated in and won numerous architectural competitions. In 2017, he participated in the Rifat Chadirji Prize, which was organized by Tamayouz Excellence Award, UK, to reconstruct Mosul city fabric, and his project was selected among the ten top projects.